Financing FAQ's

How do I get approved for financing?

  • We accept ALL credit applications, whether it be good or bad!


What do I need to bring with me?

  • Valid Driver's License

  • Proof of Employement (within last 30 days)

    • Paystub

    • Bank statements (most recent 2 months)

  • Proof of Residence (within last 30 days and must be in YOUR name)

    • Utility bill (physically hooked up to house: Ex. Electricity, Cable/Internet)

    • Lease Agreement

  • Proof of Telephone (within last 30 days, does NOT have to be in your name)

    • Either cell phone or home phone bill


How often will I need to make payments?

  • We offer the following Payment Schedules:​

    • Weekly

    • Bi-Weekly (Every 14 days)

    • Semi-Monthly (1st & 15th of every month)

  • We also offer monthly payment schedules to customer's whose main source of income is SSI/D.


How can I make payments?

  • Mail-In check or money order.​

  • Over-night drop box for checks, money orders, and/or cash.

  • Stop in during normal business hours.

  • Over the phone with a credit card.

  • We also offer auto-drafting payments.


Who do I make checks and/or money orders payable to?

  • Family Auto Sales





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